Just like running a household, the church has many expenses such as hydro bills, maintenance, supplies, and of course, unforeseen expenses.


All of this is supported by voluntary donations. Here are some of the items that your donations help cover:

  • the candles you light for prayers
  • the heating or air conditioning keeping you comfortable
  • recompense for the clergy who are serving your pastoral needs
  • maintenance of vestments and liturgical supplies
  • cleaners to keep the church spotless
  • hospitality after the services
  • flowers for feast days.

Your donations also go to less obvious needs such as clerical visits to the sick and elderly; maintenance on our church building; and as contributions to the Archdiocese, to seminarians, and to missions. Please think about the future of your parish: for marriages, baptisms, burials, and memorials. Please consider donating so that we can continue to unite in prayer and thanksgiving to worship the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the fullness and grace of the Orthodox faith.


To make a secure on-line donation, please fill out the form below, or click this link.