Exhortation to Prayer at Home with Links to Resources


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:


As you know from the previous letters, the parishes of the archdiocese are closed.  This means, of course, that there are no services at the cathedral at all until further notice.  The temple is closed.  This is profoundly difficult to live through but, as said earlier, our response must be to pray.


I am providing here some links to resources on-line that may be of some help should you want to consider adding to the prayers that you say at home.




Here you will find texts for the daily services if you are considering making the praying of Matins, Vespers or the Canonical Hours part of your daily rule or, perhaps, on Saturday evenings in place of going to Vigil.  This http://www.saintjonah.org/services/horologion.htm may also be of help.




Here you will find the text of the service of Typica which is the service that is read or served in the absence of a priest, or at home, when the Divine Liturgy cannot be served or attended.  You may consider fasting on Sunday morning, as you would before attending the Sunday Liturgy, and reading the service together as a family or on your own.




Here you will find the texts of the Lenten Triodion.  While many are familiar with the texts for the Lenten Sundays, few have been able to follow the mind of the Church during this holy season by following her hymnography through all the days.  You may consider simply reading these texts as part of your daily Lenten effort.


For those who may consider praying the Psalter in the Orthodox manner, these links will be useful.


http://www.synaxis.info/psalter/5_english/c_psalms/kjvsept.pdf , http://archbishop-of-ottawa.org/liturgical/psalter-3rd-ed-15july2013.pdf



Taking on the entire Psalter in a week is quite likely too much for many but we can certainly incorporate a kathisma or stasis into our prayer rule.  The Book of Psalms is THE prayer book of the Church and using it as our basis of prayer grounds us in centuries of Christian practice.


Finally, if an entire Vespers, Matins or Kathisma of the Psalter is not possible in your circumstances, consider offering one of the 6 Matins Psalms in the morning, pause at the Canonical Hours through the day time (roughly 9am, noon and 3pm) to offer one of the Psalms of that Hour and in the evening offer the opening Psalm of Vespers.


I hope this proves of help.  If you have any questions at all or need help, please get in touch by phone or e-mail and ask.  Also, we can make use of telephone for the mystery of Holy Confession.


The parish council and I will continue to send information through separate mailings and by using the bulletin. Please take a few moments to read things as they come.  Let us pray for one another and with one another, glorifying the Lord who loves and sustains us at all times and in all circumstances.


With my love in Christ,

Fr James